Technical Specifications

 EMC System

Technological Evolution

There are many important features that make CareTherapy® unique from the point of view of technological innovation:

  • PWM System (Pulsed Width Modulation) enable to generate a hight voltage signal but intermittently (Duty Cycle), allowing to accurately control the output power and so maximize the interaction with human tissues.
  • SLF System (Super Low Frequency) in combination with the other two systems, modulates the primary frequency in "packets" at low frequency. Thanks to effect of PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) it activates cellular respiration mechanism, proliferation and differentiation of fibroblasts. (Nikolaev, 1984) Stimulating tissue repair effects.
  • AIS System (Adaptive Impedence System)  the frequency of emission is adapted to the characteristics of the tissue to chase resonance conditions that optimaze the energy transfer.



CareTherapy® offers excellent performance in strict compliance with health and safety for both patient and therapist. It is CE Medical Device certified, class IIB by TÜV Rheinland.

Compliance with the provisions of the ‘Testo Unico on health and safety at work’ (D.Lgs.81/08), with regard to the protection of workers from exposure to electromagnetic fields (Chapter IV, Title VIII) ensure the therapist’ insulation and safety and the maximum transfer of energy to the patient.

This thanks to the introduction of a series of innovative technical features:

Electrodes: Insulated on the surface in contact with the therapist's hands.

Handpieces: thanks to their ergonomic shape, they can be easily handled by the operator to combine manual skill with the powerful bio-stimulation provided by the CareTherapy®.
Security is guaranteed by the lack of space between the probe and the electrode.

Flexible ground electrode and adhesive disposable ground electrode allow the patient to maintain the most comfortable position; at the same time they allow the operator to perform kinesi manual techniques in a simpler and safer way.

Double shielded coaxial cables and plastic connectors guarantee maximum energy transfer to the patient in total safety.

Conductive creams with only natural ingredients are produced for the specific use with the CareTherapy®. CE certification as Medical Device guarantees the quality.