What is the main difference between the CareTherapy® and the Tecar/Diathermy devices on the market?

Tecar Therapy devices are basically Hyperthermia devices.
They were developed to transfer heat to the deep tissue. The bio-stimulation provided is secondary to the thermal effect.
Even CareTherapy® systems use Capacitive and Resistive electro-magnetic field, but only to determine the type of tissue to be treated.
The advanced and patented EMC System transfers a much higher level of energy in the deep tissue, without causing significant increases of temperature - that, combined with the PEMF system, causes not only very effective pain management and anti-inflammatory effect on the treated area, but also tissue-repair effects, due to the direct cellular stimulation.

Is it possible to create hyperthermia with the CareTherapy®?

Yes it is.
But thanks to the Pulsed Width Modulation System integrated in the CT, the operator can transfer much higher levels of energy than any other Cap-Res device - that explains why few minutes of hyperthermia are enough to obtain satisfying results. In any case, 90% of the times, the same temperature of the human body or zero thermal effect it’s been preferred, especially with the presence of acute inflammatory components and metal prosthesis.
This is an unique plus of the CareTherapy®

The static electrodes diminish the work of the therapist?

It’s exactly the opposite! Through the positioning of the static electrodes, the therapist is free to perform his own manual skills in association with the strong bio-stimulatory action of the CareTherapy®.
In this case the machine works in combination with passive or active mobilization of the patient - very important for the recovery of the range of motion (especially in Neuro-Rehabilitation)

Aren’t 300 watts RMS of power too much?

Thanks to the exclusive EMC system of the CareTherapy®, power output is emitted with a very precise regulation - temperature on the tissue treated is always controlled. Big dynamic and static electrodes allow to include large parts of the body in the electromagnetic fields of action and the operator can use 100% of the power in total safety.

What is the SLF System?

SLF System in combination with AIS and PWM systems, modulates the primary frequency in "low frequency" packets.
Thanks to the effects of PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Field) the respiratory mechanisms of cells and the proliferation and differentiation of fibroblasts activate tissue repair effects. (Nikolaev 1984)

What is AIS System?

AIS System (Adaptive Impedence System) is a innovative technology which automatically adapts the emission to the condition of the tissue in order to reach a resonance effect. It also avoids the inconvenient thermal peaks caused by the displacement of the electrode in areas of the body with a different resistance.

Can the CareTherapy® be used with presence of metal implants?

Yes, it can.
Dissipation (no-focalization) effect of its unique generator makes it particularly recommended for treatments with presence of metal prosthesis, screws, plates, pins, etc..

Is it safe leaving the patient alone for a while during the treatment?

Yes it is.  The patient is connected to a security system that can be switch off whenever he feels uncomfortable for any reason.